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Hellenistic period: Quiz


Question 1: Philip took every opportunity to expand Macedonian territory, and in 352 BC annexed Thessaly and ________.
MagnesiaLarissa PrefectureEuboeaKarditsa Prefecture

Question 2: The ________ soon accepted the Ptolemies as the successors to the pharaohs of independent Egypt.
CairoAncient EgyptEgyptiansCopt

Question 3: The Seleucid ________ had allied with Philip V of Macedon in 203 BC, agreeing that they should jointly conquer the lands of the boy-king of Egypt, Ptolemy V.
Seleucus I NicatorSeleucid EmpireAntiochus III the GreatAlexander the Great

Question 4: After his death the huge territories Alexander had conquered became subject to a strong Greek influence (hellenization) for the next two or three centuries, until the rise of Rome in the west, and of ________ in the east.
ParthiaAria (satrapy)MedesHyrcania

Question 5: The resulting ________ kingdom seems to have gradually pushed the remaining Indo-Greek kingdom towards the east.
Western SatrapsIndo-GreeksIndo-ScythiansKushan Empire

Question 6: After the defeat of Anthony and his lover, the last Ptolemaic monarch, Cleopatra VII at the ________, Augustus invaded Egypt and took it as his own personal fiefdom[6].
Battle of ActiumFinal War of the Roman RepublicMark AntonyJulius Caesar

Question 7: The Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt based at ________;
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreeceAlexandria

Question 8: The Attalid dynasty in ________ based at Pergamum.
Turkish peopleAnatoliaTurkeyIstanbul

Question 9: He fought with the Indo-Greeks, and appears to have occupied India up to the river ________ for a while.
Ganges BasinIndus RiverIndus River DeltaGanges Delta

Question 10: The Romans, also allied with the Aetolian League of Greek city-states (which resented Philip's power), thus declared war on Macedon in 200 BC, starting the ________.
Ancient GreeceSecond Macedonian WarFirst Macedonian WarMacedonia (ancient kingdom)


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