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Hellenistic Judaism: Quiz


Question 1: On the other hand, mainstream Judaism began to reject Hellenistic currents, outlawing use of the Septuagint, see also ________.
Development of the Jewish Bible canonCouncil of JamniaBibleBiblical canon

Question 2: This synthesised Hellenistic culture had a profound impact on the customs and practices of Jews, both in Judea and in the ________.

Question 3: Remaining currents of Hellenistic Judaism may have merged into ________ movements in the early centuries AD.

Question 4: There was a general deterioration in relations between Hellenized Jews and other Jews, leading the Seleucid king ________ to ban certain Jewish religious rites and traditions.
Antiochus III the GreatSeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatAntiochus IV Epiphanes

Question 5: See also ________.
Circumcision controversy in early ChristianityReligious male circumcisionBibleBiblical law in Christianity

Question 6: It may be that it was marginalized by, absorbed into or became ________ (see the Gospel according to the Hebrews).
CrusadesBiblical canonEarly ChristianityEast–West Schism

Question 7: Hellenistic Judaism was a movement which existed in the ________ before the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, that sought to establish a Hebraic-Jewish religious tradition within the culture and language of Hellenism.
Jewish diasporaAntisemitismSephardi JewsJews

Question 8: New cities were established composed of colonists who came from different parts of the Greek world, and not from a specific "mother city" (literally metropolis, see also ________) as before.
Metropolitan areaGlobal cityMetropolisLondon

Question 9: The main issue separating the Hellenistic and orthodox Jews was the application of biblical laws in a Hellenistic (________) culture.
Melting potUnited StatesAnti-miscegenation lawsMiscegenation

Question 10: However, from a historical perspective, Persecution of Christians seemed only to increase the number of Christian converts, leading eventually to the adoption of Christianity by the Roman emperor Constantine and the subsequent development of the ________.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman Empire


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