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Question 1: [1] Hellburners have been described as an early form of ________ [2]
Nuclear proliferationWeapon of mass destructionNuclear weaponChemical warfare

Question 2: The bay was fitted with a brick floor, a foot thick and five metres wide; the walls of the chamber were five feet thick; the roof consisted of old tombstones, stacked vertically and sealed with ________.

Question 3: Giambelli was in fact working on constructing a mined ship beam from masts, costing ₤2000, to block the ________ against an invasion.
TidewayHenley-on-ThamesRiver ThamesThames Estuary

Question 4: The hellburners were constructed by the Italian engineer Federigo Giambelli, who had been hired and subsidised by ________, unofficially supporting the rebels, to assist the city.
Edward VI of EnglandHenry VIII of EnglandJames I of EnglandElizabeth I of England

Question 5: Hellburners (Dutch: hellebranders; brander is Dutch for "fireship") are specialised fireships used in the Siege of Antwerp (1584-1585) during the Eighty Years' War between the Dutch rebels and the ________.
House of HabsburgHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of BourbonHouse of Bonaparte

Question 6: The innovative part of the project consisted in the Hope employing a fuse consisting of a combined clockwork and ________ mechanism provided by an Antwerp watchmaker, Bory; the Fortuyn used a delayed fuse mechanism.


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