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  • North American helitack crews are airlifted into remote areas to "attack" wildland fires before they get out of control?

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Question 1: USFS Bell ________ nose is in the foreground
AH-1 SuperCobraUH-1 IroquoisAH-1Z ViperAH-1 Cobra

Question 2: Helitack refers to "helicopter-delivered fire resources",[1] and is the system of managing and using helicopters and their crews to perform ________ and other firefighting duties, primarily initial attack on wildfires.
Fire retardantCDF Aviation Management ProgramAerial firefightingWildfire suppression

Question 3: Santa Barbara County hand crew and a ________ on the Day Fire.
UH-1N Twin HueyBell 212Bell 206Bell 412

Question 4: A Eurocopter Ecureuil dips its bucket into a swimming pool before returning to drop the water on a wildfire outside ________

Question 5: In 1957 the Los Angeles County Fire Department experimentally used a ________ to lay hoses using belly-mounted trays.
Bell 206Bell 47J RangerH-13 SiouxBell 47

Question 6: Some of the most common helicopter types are variants of the venerable UH-1 Huey, known in the civilian world as the ________, especially upgraded variants such as the 205A++ and the 210.
Bell 204/205Bell 412Bell 206UH-1N Twin Huey

Question 7: Example of a helibase, this one at ________, during the Bar Complex Fire.
Nevada City, CaliforniaMarysville, CaliforniaYreka, CaliforniaWeaverville, California

Question 8: While fighting a fire in the Stanislaus National Forest in northern ________, seven members of a CDF helitack crew were engulfed in the flames when the wind shifted in their direction.
Sacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesCalifornia

Question 9: Other helicopters such as the ________ are also used, and the S-70 Firehawk, a civilian version of the military's UH-60 Blackhawk, is now being operated by two agencies in the U.S.
SH-3 Sea KingSikorsky H-19Sikorsky H-5Sikorsky H-34

Question 10: The twin-engine ________ is also popular.
UH-1N Twin HueyBell 206Bell 412Bell 212


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