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Heliopolis (Cairo suburb): Quiz


Question 1: Modelled on ________ in Cambodia and the Hindu temples of Orissa, the palace was erected between 1907 and 1910.
Ashoka the GreatBuddhist artAngkor WatThai temple art and architecture

Question 2: Modern Heliopolis was originally filled mostly with aristocratic ________, as well as some European nationals.
Ancient EgyptCoptCairoEgyptians

Question 3: The chosen neighbourhood boasted some of the wealthiest Egyptian residences; to his left facing Avenue Baron was the Arabesque palace, now military headquarters, but originally the home of Boghos and Marie ________.
Isma'il PashaGamal Abdel NasserNubar PashaTewfik Pasha

Question 4: Modern Heliopolis (Arabic: مصر الجديدة‎, transliterated: Maṣr el-Gedīdah – literally "New Egypt", is a district of ________, Egypt.

Question 5: From 1911 until 1915, Heliopolis had Luna Park, Africa's first amusement park (the grounds were converted into an Australian field hospital just after the onset of ________).
World War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian Genocide

Question 6: His efforts culminated in 1907 with the building of the new town of Heliopolis, in the desert ten kilometers from the center of ________.

Question 7: It still stands today and remains one of the finest examples of early creative use of ________, of which it was entirely built.

Question 8: The Basilique ________ church situated on Al-Ahram street is a famous landmark in Heliopolis, and it is the burial place of Baron Empain.
CatholicCatholicismBishopEcumenical council

Question 9: Alexander Marcel, a French architect and a member of the prestigious French Institute, was commissioned by Empain to build him a ________ palace.


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