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Question 1: The ancient city was located five miles (8 km) east of the ________ north of the apex of the Delta.
AlexandriaEgyptWhite NileNile

Question 2: 57; ________, Exp. Alex. iii.
ArrianPlutarchHerodotusAlexander the Great

Question 3: In ancient times it was the principal seat of ________, thus its name, which means city of the sun in Greek.
Creation mythProto-Indo-European religionSolar deityEgyptian pantheon

Question 4: ________, on his march from Pelusium to Memphis, halted at this city (Arrian, iii.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatSeleucid Empire

Question 5: Blocks from this temple were later used to build the city walls of mediaeval ________ and can be seen in some of the city gates.

Question 6: The city was also the original source of the worship of the Ennead pantheon, although in later times, as Horus gained in prominence, worship focused on the syncretic solar deity Ra-harakhty (literally Ra, (who is) ________ of the Two Horizons).
OsirisSet (mythology)Apis (Egyptian mythology)Horus

Question 7: Heliopolis was well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, being noted by most major geographers of the period, including: ________, iv.

Question 8: Heliopolis (Greek: Ἡλίου πόλις or Ἡλιούπολις), meaning sun-city, was one of the most ancient cities of ________, and capital of the 13th Lower Egyptian nome.

Question 9: During the Amarna Period, King ________ introduced monotheistic worship of Aton, the deified solar disc, built here a temple named Wetjes Aton (wṯs ỉtn "Elevating the Sun-disc").
TutankhamunNefertitiAkhenatenAmenhotep III

Question 10: Heliopolis contains the earliest temple ________ still in its original position.
Vatican CityHeliopolis (ancient)ObeliskRamesses II


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