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Question 1: Besides Eurocopter and its predecessors, a ducted fan tail rotor was also used on the canceled military helicopter project, the United States Army's ________, as the FANTAIL.
CH-37 MojaveUH-60 Black HawkCH-53 Sea StallionRAH-66 Comanche

Question 2: The blade pitch is typically controlled by a swashplate connected to the ________.
Helicopter flight controlsCoaxial rotorsHelicopter rotorAutogyro

Question 3: Fenestron and FANTAIL[5] are ________ for a ducted fan mounted at the end of the tail boom of the helicopter and used in place of a tail rotor.
TrademarkUnited States trademark lawPublic domainGenericized trademark

Question 4: [10] [11] In 2009, this corona effect was noted by war correspondent ________ during an embed with British forces in Afghanistan.
John McCainMichael YonHillary Rodham ClintonIraq War

Question 5: Rotor blades are made out of various materials, including aluminium, composite structure and steel or ________ with erosion shields along the leading edge.

Question 6: The purpose of the drag hinge and dampers is to compensate for the acceleration and deceleration caused by ________.
Ocean gyreCoriolis effectGulf StreamThermohaline circulation

Question 7: In fly by wire helicopters or RC models, a computer with ________ and a venturi sensor can replace the stabilizer.
Gyro monorailAngular momentumGyroscopePrecession

Question 8: The blades of a helicopter are long, narrow ________ with a high aspect ratio, a shape which minimises drag from tip vortices (see the wings of a glider for comparison).
AirfoilWingtip deviceStall (flight)Lift (force)

Question 9: The experimental Fairey Jet Gyrodyne and 40-seat ________ passenger prototype were evaluated to have flown very well using this method.
Fairey BarracudaFairey GannetFairey RotodyneFairey Aviation Company

Question 10: This configuration is found on two of the first viable helicopters, the Focke-Wulf Fw 61 and the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223, as well as the world's largest helicopter ever built, the ________.
Mil Mi-10Mil Mi-24Mil Mi-12Mil Mi-6

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