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Question 1: Washington, DC: Flight Standards Service, ________, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, 2001.
Elwood Richard QuesadaFederal Aviation AdministrationFederal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationMarion Blakey

Question 2: There are two basic flight conditions for a helicopter; hover and forward ________.
Fixed-wing aircraftFlightRocketFlying and gliding animals

Question 3: By contrast, the ________ and Robinson R44 have a unique teetering bar cyclic control system and a few early helicopters have had a cyclic control that descended into the cockpit from overhead.
Sikorsky S-300Brantly B-2Robinson HelicopterRobinson R22

Question 4: This phenomenon has been confused with ________ for ease of teaching in some organizations[3] but is more appropriately referred to as phase lag.
Axial precession (astronomy)ForceGeneral relativityPrecession

Question 5: In many ________-powered helicopters, the pilot manipulates the throttle to maintain rotor RPM.
Two-stroke engineFour-stroke engineWankel engineReciprocating engine

Question 6: A helicopter pilot manipulates the helicopter flight controls in order to achieve controlled aerodynamic ________.
FlightFlying and gliding animalsRocketFixed-wing aircraft

Question 7: The anti-torque pedals are located in the same position as the ________ pedals in an airplane, and serve a similar purpose, namely to control the direction in which the nose of the aircraft is pointed.
StrakeAircraft flight control systemCompassRudder


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