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Hegemony: Quiz


Question 1: In China, during the ________, the Qin State created the Chengkuo Canal for geopolitical advantage over its local rivals.
Spring and Autumn PeriodQin DynastyWarring States PeriodZhou Dynasty

Question 2: ________'s European hegemony, the United States' world hegemony).
First French EmpireNapoleonic WarsBatavian RepublicFrench Directory

Question 3: Hegemony, or the hegemon, dictates the politics of the hegemony's constituent subordinate states via ________ — the imposition of its way of life, i.e.
United StatesCultural imperialismGlobalizationRussia

Question 4: In the ancient world, hydraulic despotism was established in the fertile river valleys of Egypt, ________, and Mesopotamia.
Religion in ChinaChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 5: [8] Several other countries are either emerging or re-emerging as powers, such as China, Russia, India, and the ________.
European ParliamentGermanyDenmarkEuropean Union

Question 6: Examples include a province within a federation (Prussia in the ________) or one person among a committee (Napoleon Bonaparte in the Consulate).
Austria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman EmpireGerman colonial empire

Question 7: By extension, hegemonism denotes the policies the great powers practice in seeking predominance, leading, then, to a definition of ________.
ColonialismBritish EmpireImperialismFrench colonial empire


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