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Heegner number: Quiz


Question 1: The q-expansion of j, with its ________ expansion written as a Laurent series in terms of q = exp(2πiτ), begins as:
Fourier seriesFourier transformFourier analysisHilbert space

Question 2: A003173 from the ________
Egyptian fractionFibonacci numberPrime numberOn-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Question 3: This number was discovered in 1859 by the mathematician ________.
Charles HermiteJoseph Louis LagrangeHenri PoincaréAugustin-Louis Cauchy

Question 4: Equivalently, its ring of integers has ________.
Commutative ringEuclidean domainIntegral domainUnique factorization domain

Question 5: In ________, a Heegner number is a (square-free) positive integer d such that the imaginary quadratic field Q(√−d) has class number 1.
Number theoryAlgebraMathematicsAnalytic number theory

Question 6: where the reason for the squares is due to certain ________.
Weierstrass's elliptic functionsCusp formEisenstein seriesModular form


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