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Hecatonchires: Quiz


Question 1: 10) and in Philostratus' Life of ________ (iv.
HadrianRoman EmpireAlexander SeverusApollonius of Tyana

Question 2: The Hecatonchires remained there, guarded by the dragon Campe, until ________ rescued them, advised by Gaia that they would serve as good allies against Cronus and the Titans.
ZeusGreek mythologyHeraApollo

Question 3: The sea-goat Aegaeon "cannot be distinguished from Hesiod's Briareos", according to ________.
ClassicsSpencer BarrettMartin Litchfield WestAkkadian language

Question 4: Briareus is mentioned in the ________ as one of the Titans who attacked Jove on Olympus.
Dante AlighieriDivine ComedyPurgatorioInferno (Dante)

Question 5: ________ Carminae II.17.14, III.4.69
VirgilHoraceBen JonsonOvid

Question 6: The Olympian gods were trying to overthrow Zeus but were stopped when Thetis brought Aegaeon to his aid -"at one time he must have shared with the goddess dominion over the depths of the ________".
GreeceSamos IslandAegean civilizationsAegean Sea

Question 7: 1165) represent Aegaeon as a son of Gaea and ________, the Sea, ruling the fabulous Aegaea in Euboea, an enemy of Poseidon and the inventor of warships.

Question 8: ________'s Theogony (624, 639, 714, 734–35) reports that the three Hecatonchires became the guards of the gates of Tartarus.
Ancient GreeceHomerDemosthenesHesiod

Question 9: Hesiod reconciles the archaic Hecatonchires with the Olympian pantheon by making Briareos the son-in-law of ________ who gave him "Kymopoliea his daughter to wed." (Theogony 817).
Greek mythologyPoseidonApolloAthena

Question 10: The giant is also mentioned in Cervantes' ________, in the famous episode of the windmills.
SpainMiguel de CervantesDon QuixoteUnited Kingdom


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