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Question 1: In the first decade of the 20th century, the First Class Armoured Cruiser metamorphosed into the ________, and increased markedly in size and cost.
BattleshipBattlecruiserInvincible class battlecruiserDreadnought

Question 2: The Germans built their Hipper class heavy cruisers of 14,000 tons, although the ________ was supposed to limit their shipbuilding.
Joachim von RibbentropNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerAnglo-German Naval Agreement

Question 3: The heavy cruiser's immediate precursors were the light cruiser designs of the 1900s and 1910s, rather than the ________ of before 1905.
HMS Dreadnought (1906)BattlecruiserArmored cruiserInvincible class battlecruiser

Question 4: The heavy cruiser was a type of ________, a naval warship designed for long range, high speed and an armament of naval guns roughly 203mm calibre (8 inches).

Question 5: First class Cruisers were typically ________, hard to distinguish from a small pre-dreadnought battleship.
HMS Dreadnought (1906)BattlecruiserInvincible class battlecruiserArmored cruiser

Question 6: It is important to note that the old ________ was not a close ancestor of these heavy cruiser models, even though the name sometimes suggests this.
BattlecruiserArmored cruiserInvincible class battlecruiserHMS Dreadnought (1906)

Question 7: This trend resulted in the ________, which was initially conceived as an armoured cruiser on the same scale as the dreadnought battleship.
Invincible class battlecruiserFast battleshipIndefatigable class battlecruiserBattlecruiser

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