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Question 1:
Where did Heather Mills study?
Doctor of Musical Arts in Orchestra Conducting
Hydeburn School, London
M.A., M.A., M.A., D.Litt.

Question 2:
Where does Heather Mills live?
Lampertheim, Germany
New York City
Hove, East Sussex &
unknown sanitarium near Henderson, USA

Question 3:
Who is Heather Mills's spouse?
Divorced three times; spouses not listed in obituary
Twice divorced:
Alfie Karmal, divorced
Divorced from Wanda W. Gee

Question 4:
Where was Heather Mills born?
Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Aichi, Japan
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Question 5:
What is the nationality of Heather Mills?
English, American
| English

Question 6:
Who of the following was a child of Heather Mills?
Garrett Benge
Harriet; Sarah
Beatrice Milly McCartney
Jay Crummey, Safford Crummey

Question 7:
How is Heather Mills described?
former glamour model, activist
Glamour Model, Former Porn Star, and Penthouse Pet
Polish glamour model
American glamour model

Question 8:
What did Heather Mills do for a living?
actor, singer, songwriter
Professional rugby player
broadcast journalist
Former model and charity campaigner

Question 9:
Who of the following is a parent of Heather Mills?
Kamal Kunwari
Johannes Hage Christian David, railway engineer
Gail Robinson
Beatrice Mary Finlay

Question 10: The case was heard in court 34 of the Royal Courts of Justice, on The Strand, in the ________, London.
City of LondonLondon County CouncilCity of WestminsterGreater London

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