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Question 1: When an annealed part is allowed to cool in the ________, it is called a "full anneal" heat treatment.
Blast furnaceFurnaceBoilerFurnace (disambiguation)

Question 2: In ________ alloys, precipitates dissolve into the matrix, "solutionizing" the alloy.
CopperAluminiumMetallurgyPrecipitation hardening

Question 3: The Chinese ________ is one of the earliest known examples of this, and the Japanese katana the most widely known.
Qiang (spear)Dao (sword)Chinese swordsJian

Question 4: Annealing typically results in a soft, ________ metal.

Question 5: cracking and distortion), cooling may be done with forced air or other ________ (such as nitrogen), oil, polymer dissolved in water, or brine.
GasTemperatureSpecific heat capacityThermodynamic temperature

Question 6: Metallic materials consist of a microstructure of small ________ called "grains" or crystallites.
SolidCrystalCarbonCrystal structure

Question 7: Examples of precipitation hardening alloys include 2000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series ________, as well as some superalloys and some stainless steels.
Aluminium alloyScandiumVanadiumTitanium

Question 8: Heat treatment techniques include annealing, ________, precipitation strengthening, tempering and quenching.
Case hardeningIronPhosphorusCarbon

Question 9: Complex heat treating schedules are often devised by ________ to optimize an alloy's mechanical properties.
Materials scienceMetallurgyArchaeologyMining

Question 10: In the ________ industry, a superalloy may undergo five or more different heat treating operations to develop the desired properties.
Aerospace engineeringBiotechnologyNuclear technologyAerospace

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