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Heart rate: Quiz


Question 1: Tour de France cyclist ________ has a resting HR around 32 bpm, and it is not unusual for people doing regular exercise to get below 50 bpm.
Bernard HinaultGreg LeMondLance ArmstrongEddy Merckx

Question 2: The inside of the ________, or under the biceps muscle (brachial artery)
ElbowShoulderUpper limbWrist

Question 3: The ventral aspect of the ________ on the side of the thumb (radial artery)
WristElbowShoulderUpper limb

Question 4: A more precise method of determining pulse involves the use of an ________, or ECG (also abbreviated EKG).
ElectrocardiographyCirculatory systemCardiopulmonary resuscitationBlood pressure

Question 5: The Target Heart Rate (THR), or Training Heart Rate, is a desired range of heart rate reached during ________ which enables one's heart and lungs to receive the most benefit from a workout.
Strength trainingMetabolismAerobic exercisePhysical exercise

Question 6: [3] It gained widespread use through being used by ________ in its heart rate monitors,[2] which Dr.
Polar ElectroKempelePrivately held companyFinland

Question 7: Typical healthy resting heart rate in adults is 60–80 bpm,[9] with rates below 60 bpm referred to as ________ and rates above 100 bpm referred to as tachycardia.
BradycardiaAtrial fibrillationMyocardial infarctionCardiac dysrhythmia

Question 8: Continuous electrocardiograph monitoring of the heart is routinely done in many clinical settings, especially in ________.
SurgeryNephrologySpecialty (medicine)Intensive-care medicine

Question 9: The most accurate way of measuring HRmax is via a ________.
Coronary catheterizationCardiac stress testCoronary artery bypass surgeryCardiology diagnostic tests and procedures

Question 10: However, it is possible to auscultate the heart using a ________.
SphygmomanometerHealth care systemStethoscopeHospital


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