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Question 1: The Stoics taught that the heart was the seat of the ________.

Question 2: While Galen's identification of the heart with emotion were proposed as a part of his theory of the ________, the heart has continued to be used as a symbolic source of human emotions even after the rejection of such beliefs.
Myocardial infarctionFetal circulationCirculatory systemPacemaker syndrome

Question 3: The most common ________ for the heart is <3[6].
Internet forumEmoticonASCII2channel Shift JIS art

Question 4: These themes were reiterated in the European ________.
Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 5: The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the ________ are traditional Roman Catholic devotional images.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Marian doctrines of the Catholic ChurchRoman Catholic MariologyImmaculate Heart of Mary

Question 6: In the ________ 17:9, it is written that the Lord is the judge who "tries" the human heart.
Book of IsaiahBook of JeremiahBook of DanielBooks of Kings

Question 7: The hearts have constituted, since the 15th century, one of the red suits in most ________ decks.
TarocchiniTrick-taking gameTarot, tarock and tarocchi gamesPlaying card

Question 8: Many classical philosophers and scientists, including ________, considered the heart the seat of thought, reason or emotion, often rejecting the value of the brain.
AristotlePlatoEmpiricismBertrand Russell

Question 9: This shape is typically colored red, suggesting both ________ and, in many cultures, passion and strong emotion.
Red blood cellPlateletBloodBlood plasma

Question 10: The heart has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, ________, moral, and in the past also intellectual core of a human being.
EmotionEvolutionary psychologyPsychologyPositive psychology

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