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Question 1: ________ and similar video technologies can be used for distance communication using sign language.
Video Relay ServiceVideoconferencingVideophoneVideotelephony

Question 2: This includes some diuretics, aspirin and NSAIDs, and macrolide ________.
Nucleic acid inhibitorAntibiotic misuseATC code J01Antibiotic

Question 3: Combined with noise, these ototoxic chemicals have an additive effect on a person’s ________.
Sensorineural hearing lossTinnitusHearing impairmentPresbycusis

Question 4: The three types of wireless devices are the ________ system, the audio induction loop and the infra red system.
ModulationAmplitude modulationFrequency modulationPhase-shift keying

Question 5: Usually the emitter for the IR device, that is, the component that sends out the signal, uses an ________.
ElectricitySwitched-mode power supplyPower supplyTransformer

Question 6: The most common recessive syndromic forms of hearing impairment are Pendred syndrome, Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome and ________.
Ménière's diseaseWolfram syndromeOtosclerosisUsher syndrome

Question 7:
Hearing impairment, Noise pollution and Auditory processing disorder are all:
Otology Hearing Deafness Audiology

Question 8:
Hearing impairment, Sign language and Closed captioning are all:
Audiology Hearing Deafness Otology

Question 9: Research has shown that people who are educated about ________ and prevention are more likely to use hearing protectors at work or in their private lives.
Noise-induced hearing lossAuditory systemHearing impairmentMining

Question 10:
Hearing impairment, Tinnitus and Cochlear implant are all:
Audiology Otology Hearing Deafness

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