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Hearing Voices Movement: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, emotional problems (such as depression and ________) are found in 25–40% of those diagnosed with psychosis,[12] and the risk of suicide is increasingly recognised.
AnxietyWorryHostilityMental confusion

Question 2: It has been reported that only a minority (roughly 35%) obtain significant benefits from ________ treatment.

Question 3: Foucault has argued that this process can generally arise when a minority perspective is at variance with dominant ________ and beliefs.
SociologyCriminologyDeviance (sociology)Norm (sociology)

Question 4: The establishment of equilibrium, and accommodation, with the voice(s), and the consequent re-________ of the person.
EmpowermentFree schoolAdultismAdultcentrism

Question 5: (1999) finds that these important connections can be addressed using ________ (CBT) and self-help methods.
Impulse (psychology)Edna B. FoaCognitive behavioral therapyThought suppression

Question 6: (1998) finds that 23% of people diagnosed with a ________ illness experience positive symptoms that are resistant to medication.
Eating disordersMajor depressive disorderPsychiatryPsychosis

Question 7: ________ (1999) The World Health Report, Geneva.
SwitzerlandFood and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionWorld Health Organization

Question 8: The Hearing Voices Movement reflects significant disenchantment with the medical model and the practises of mental health services through much of the ________.
Western cultureTurkeyEuropeWestern world

Question 9: In 1997 a meeting of voice hearers and ________ workers was held in Maastricht to discuss developing the further promotion and research into the issue of voice hearing.
Major depressive disorderPsychosisMental healthDelusional disorder

Question 10: A detailed and neutral account of the significance of the Hearing Voice Movement entitled "Can You Live With the Voices in Your Head?" was published in ________ in 2007.
The New YorkerThe New York Times MagazineThe New RepublicNewsweek


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