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Health policy: Quiz


Question 1: ________ often accounts for one of the largest areas of spending for both governments and individuals all over the world, and as such it is surrounded by controversy.
TortureHuman rightsHealth careProperty

Question 2: [1] Though there are many topics involved in health care politics, most can be categorized as either philosophical or ________.
MoneyKeynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 3: For example, it is now clear that medical debt is now a leading cause of ________.
Chapter 11, Title 11, United States CodeBankruptcy in CanadaUnited States Trustee ProgramBankruptcy in the United States

Question 4: The modern concept of health care involves access to medical professionals from various fields as well as medical technologies such as ________ and surgical techniques.
Pharmaceutical drugDrugPsychoactive drugAntidepressant

Question 5: The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (________) asserts that medical care is a right of all people.
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInternational Covenant on Civil and Political RightsDrafting of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights

Question 6: Many governments around the world have established ________, which attempts to provide the same level of access to every person in a country.
United StatesHealth care systemUnited KingdomUniversal health care


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