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Question 1: Initially referred to as medical geography,[1] health geography is based on the biomedical model of health and grounded in the ________ philosophy.
AristotleLogical positivismNominalismScholasticism

Question 2: The location of health care facilities depends largely on the nature of the ________ system in operation, and will be heavily influenced by historical factors due to the heavy investment costs in facilities such as hospitals and surgeries.
TorturePropertyHuman rightsHealth care

Question 3: Health geography is the application of geographical information, perspectives, and methods to the study of health, ________, and health care.

Question 4: Under this model, new illnesses (e.g., mental ill health) are recognised, and other types of medicine (e.g., complementary or ________) are combined with traditional medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicineAlternative medicineNaturopathyHerbalism

Question 5: This alternative methodological approach means that medical geography is broadened to incorporate philosophies such as structuration, structuralism, social interactionism, ________, et cetera.
Women's suffrageFeminismWomen's rightsGender equality

Question 6: The study is considered a subdiscipline of human geography, however, it requires an understanding of other fields such as epidemiology, ________.
El Niño-Southern OscillationClimatologyClimateAtmospheric sciences


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