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Question 1: Entity at the top of a corporation to take full responsibility for the overall success of the corporation, ensures ________.
Corporate governanceCompanies lawInternal affairs doctrineBusiness

Question 2: In budō sports (Japanese martial arts) like karate, judo, ________, kendo, etc., there is usually a headquarter for each organization or region[4].
AikidoHapkidoJujutsuJapanese martial arts

Question 3: The term is also used regarding ________ organizations.
Military scienceWarMilitaryMilitary history

Question 4: The corporate headquarters is the entity at the top of a ________ taking full responsibility managing all business activities.
CorporationCompanyCorporate lawCompanies law

Question 5: The Headquarters of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is located in ________, Turkey.
Turkish peopleIstanbulAnkaraİzmir

Question 6: Corporate headquarters are a key element of a corporate structure and cover different corporate functions such as strategic planning, corporate communications, tax, legal, marketing, finance, ________, IT.
GermanyEconomicsHuman resourcesFrance

Question 7: The headquarters of Catholic Church is ________.
RomeSpainVatican CityMonaco

Question 8: The World Council of Churches, including Orthodox Churches, has its Headquarters in ________, Switzerland.

Question 9: Police headquarters are usually located in a ________ or town and are run by the local police force.
CountyCityIndependent cityMunicipality

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