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Question 1: In ________, the data following the header are sometimes called the payload or body.
OSI modelData transmissionModulationPhysical Layer

Question 2: In information technology, header refers to supplemental ________ placed at the beginning of a block of data being stored or transmitted.
Statistical graphicsStatisticsExperimentData

Question 3: The header's format is specified in the ________.
IPsecInternet ProtocolTransmission Control ProtocolIPv4

Question 4: In ________, the header might give information about an image's size, resolution, number of colours, and the like.
Image file formatsTagged Image File FormatPortable Network GraphicsComputer Graphics Metafile

Question 5: It is vital that header composition follow a clear and unambiguous specification or format, to allow for ________.
Bottom-up parsingCompiler-compilerCompilerParsing

Question 6: In a data packet sent via the Internet, the data (payload) are preceded by header information such as the sender's and the recipient's ________, the protocol governing the format of the payload and several other formats.
IPv4Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP addressIPv6


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