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Question 1: In North Korea, ________ was named "eternal president" following his death and the presidency was abolished.
Joseph StalinKim Il-sungCold WarMao Zedong

Question 2: Note: "presidential" in this context does not automatically imply a ________ but any head of state – elected, hereditary, or dictatorial – who presides.
United StatesPresidentPrime ministerOfficial residence

Question 3: By tradition a deposed monarch who has not freely ________, though no longer head of state, is allowed to use their monarchical title as a courtesy title for their lifetime.
Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorCoronationAbdicationRegent

Question 4: Modern champions in this field include ________, Mao Zedong, and Kim Jong Il, whose tenures as heads of state were or are accompanied by a significant cult of personality.
Nazi PartySchutzstaffelNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 5: In the Church of England, the reigning monarch also holds the title Defender of the Faith and acts as Supreme Governor of the ________, but that is pure caesaropapism (ironically anti-papist in origin): the state commands the church, which has no power over the state.
Bishop of LincolnArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandArchbishop of York

Question 6: In ________ the head of state is often thought of as the official "leader" of the nation.
ItalyNation stateFranceGermany

Question 7: In reality however, following a process of constitutional evolution, powers are usually only exercised by direction of a cabinet, presided over by a ________ who is answerable to the legislature.
Angela MerkelGordon BrownPrime ministerSilvio Berlusconi

Question 8: In presidential systems the head of state is the actual, ________ chief executive officer.
United KingdomDe factoMoroccoUnited States

Question 9: ________, Sultan), see Prince, princely state and monarchy.
MargraveCountGrand dukeMarquess

Question 10: Some monarchical states call this procedure ________.
Reserve powerRoyal AssentSpainUnited Kingdom

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