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Head and neck anatomy: Quiz


Question 1: Some molecules, such as ________, are transported out of the blood by active transport.

Question 2: (3) Minor viral infections include: ________ is a viral infection of the parotid salivary glands.
MumpsGastroenteritisAIDSHerpes labialis

Question 3: Other illnesses that may present a concern to the health care professional include: influenza, pulmonary embolism, cystic fibrosis, and respiratory distress syndrome, ________.
PneumoniaPneumothoraxAcute respiratory distress syndromeAsthma

Question 4: The ________ (BBB) is semi-permeable membrane that controls the capillary leak potential of the circulatory system.
Immune systemMeningitisBlood-brain barrierAIDS

Question 5: In chronic cases ________ may be required.
SurgeryTonsillitisICD-9-CM Volume 3Tonsillectomy

Question 6: Blood from the brain and neck flows from: (1) within the ________ via the internal jugular veins, a continuation of the sigmoid sinuses.
BoneHead and neck anatomySkullHuman skull

Question 7: The ________ are also protected by specialized sensory cells called Meissner's corpuscles.
Head and neck anatomyOropharynxTongueLip

Question 8: The brachiocephalic artery or trunk is the first and largest ________ that branches to form the right common carotid artery and the right subclavian artery.
Systemic circulationArterial treeBlood vesselArtery

Question 9: Dental anatomy at ________
Adams State CollegeColorado State UniversityColorado State University–PuebloUnited States Air Force Academy

Question 10: A ________ is the toughest known substance in the body exceeding bones in density and strength.
Tooth (human)Head and neck anatomyTooth developmentFascia

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