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Question 1: Sympathizing with the Patriot cause, Solomon joined the New York branch of the ________.
Sons of LibertyInvasion of Canada (1775)Liberty poleCapture of Fort Ticonderoga

Question 2: Solomon also personally supported various members of the Continental Congress during their stay in Philadelphia, including ________ and James Wilson.
Alexander HamiltonJames MadisonThomas JeffersonJames Monroe

Question 3: In World War II the ________ liberty ship SS Haym Salomon was named in his honor.
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 4: In September 1776, he was arrested as a ________ but the British pardoned him, only after serving 18 months of his sentence and claims of torture on a British boat, in order to use his abilities as an interpreter for their Hessian mercenaries.
Clandestine HUMINTClandestine HUMINT asset recruitingIntelligence (information gathering)Espionage

Question 5: In 1941, the writer ________ wrote a book Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty.
Communist Party USAConnecticutHoward FastUnited States

Question 6: In 1975 the ________ issued a commemorative stamp honoring Haym Saloman for his contributions to the cause of the American Revolution.
United States Postal ServiceUnited States CongressU.S. stateUnited States Constitution

Question 7: In 1778 Solomon was arrested again and sentenced to death, but he managed to escape, whereupon he made his way with his family to the rebel capital in ________.
PhiladelphiaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaPittsburghAllentown, Pennsylvania

Question 8: In 1939, Warner Brothers released Sons of Liberty, a short film starring ________ as Solomon.
Henry FondaClaude RainsAlec GuinnessJosé Ferrer

Question 9: The son of a ________, Solomon was born in Leszno (Poland).
RabbiConservative JudaismOrthodox JudaismJews

Question 10: In 1781, he began working extensively with Robert Morris, the newly appointed Superintendent for Finance for the ________.
Thirteen ColoniesUnited StatesNew EnglandAmerican Civil War


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