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Hayley Cropper: Quiz


Question 1: The result of this was the tabling, in 2004, of the ________, granting trans people full legal status in their acquired sex.
United Kingdom legislationGender Recognition Act 2004Civil Partnership Act 2004Statutory Instrument (UK)

Question 2: Portrayed by ________ Julie Hesmondhalgh, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 26 January 1998 as the first transsexual character in a British soap and was the first permanent transsexual character in the world of serialised drama.

Question 3: Hesmondhalgh only knew she was auditioning to play a "fun" character, so she arrived as, "all ________, in my leopard skin and red lippy".
Bet LynchBetty Williams (Coronation Street)Coronation StreetRovers Return Inn

Question 4: Following this, in October 2007, Hayley left the Street to go on volunteer work in ________ for a year.

Question 5: Despite the extremely unlikely pairing, Tracy drugged Roy by slipping ________ into his drink, took him home and claimed to have slept with him.

Question 6: It is also alleged that the resultant public support for this ________ went in favour of the Bill.
SatireNovelCharacter (arts)Poetry

Question 7: Hayley Anne Cropper (née Patterson, previously Harold Patterson) is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, ________.
WeatherfieldCoronation Street timelineCoronation Street VHS and DVD releasesCoronation Street

Question 8: Following the death of her aunt Monica in September 2007, Hayley discovered she had a son ________ as a result of a forgotten pre-operative liaison.
List of recurring and minor Coronation Street charactersList of minor Coronation Street characters (2008)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2007)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2009)

Question 9: Patience Cropper was renamed Amy Barlow and the Croppers are her ________.
ChristianityJohn CalvinBaptismGodparent

Question 10: After affirming their mutual attraction, Hayley went to ________ for private sex reassignment surgery.

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