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Hayes command set: Quiz


Question 1: Prior to the introduction of the ________ (BBS), modems typically operated on direct-dial telephone lines that always began and ended with a single modem at each end.
FidoNetCommodore 64Computer art sceneBulletin board system

Question 2: Most dialup ________ follow the specifications of the Hayes command set.
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDial-up Internet accessModemWi-Fi

Question 3: This method of operation worked satisfactorily in the 1960s and early 1970s, when modems generally connected to only large ________.
SupercomputerCalculatorMinicomputerMainframe computer

Question 4: The ________ established a standard in its V-Series Recommendations, V.25 ter, in 1995 in an attempt to establish a standard for the command set again.

Question 5: However Hayes Communications moved only slowly to higher speeds or the use of compression, and three other companies led the way here – Microcom, U.S. Robotics and ________.
ModemHayes Microcomputer ProductsTelebitIntegrated Services Digital Network

Question 6: However, the ________ of the 1970s led to the introduction of low-cost modems and the idea of a semi-dedicated point-to-point link was no longer appropriate.
Altair 8800MicroprocessorHome computerMicrocomputer revolution

Question 7: The command set itself had no ________ protection, but Hayes Communications patented the concept of a "guard time" after the escape sequence.
Intellectual propertyLawHuman rightsSharia


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