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Question 1: Additionally, the rise of the ________ in the mid-1990s made point-to-point communications far less interesting.
World Wide WebE-mailInternetInternet Relay Chat

Question 2: An obvious solution was to use the ________ serial port; modems were serial devices and generally driven off RS-232 anyway, and most computer designs included an RS-232 port, or some variant.
Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitterUniversal Serial BusRS-232Serial communication

Question 3: The first of these, ________, offered 9600 bit/s in both directions at the same time, whereas earlier high-speed protocols were high-speed in one direction only.
ITU-T V-Series RecommendationsBit rate56 kbit/s modemModem

Question 4: In 1990 the company introduced the Smartmodem Ultra 96 which offered both v.32 and Express 96 support, and added the new ________ error correction and compression system (in addition to MNP).
56 kbit/s modemITU-T V-Series RecommendationsBit rateHayes Microcomputer Products

Question 5: This could be addressed in internal modems that plugged directly into the computer's ________.
Computer casePersonal computerMotherboardUniversal Serial Bus

Question 6: As speeds increased with the introduction of ________ and v.90, Hayes increasingly became a follower rather than a leader.
Bit rate56 kbit/s modemModemITU-T V-Series Recommendations

Question 7: This was a straightforward and thus a popular solution; the Novation APPLE-CAT II for the ________ computer was an early programmable modem of this type.
Apple II seriesApple II PlusApple LisaMacintosh

Question 8: Some popular computers, like the ________, did not even integrate internal slots.
Atari 7800Atari 2600Atari STAtari 8-bit family

Question 9: The new design, housed in an extruded ________ case sized to allow a standard desktop telephone to rest on top, was released in July 1981.

Question 10: Not only did it require special driver software, but a different hardware design was needed for every computer bus, including Apple II, S-100, ________, and others.
Home computerApple II seriesTRS-80Floppy disk


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