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Question 1: After the defeat of the ________, Hawkmon's natural champion form is unlocked, as well as the ability to DNA Digivolve with Gatomon.
Ken IchijoujiVeemonDigimon Adventure 02Yolei Inoue

Question 2: Shurimon's name is derived from the ninja weapon ________.

Question 3: Silphymon eventually became essential to fight the likes of Arukenimon, ________ and BlackWarGreymon.
AgumonDigimonList of DigimonDigimon Adventure

Question 4: Pururumon is the fresh form of Hawkmon.Pururumon appears when ________ loses so much power that Hawkmon is no longer able to maintain his Rookie form.

Question 5: Hawkmon (ホークモン Hōkumon ?) is a ________ from the Japanese Digimon media franchise that comprises anime, manga, toys, video games, trading card games and other media.
DigivolutionTaichi "Tai" KamiyaAgumonDigimon (creature)

Question 6: Silphymon is an Ultimate level Digimon who is the DNA Digivolved form of ________ and Gatomon, combining the features and attributes of a Bird type Digimon with that of a Angel-Beast type.
ArmadillomonDigimon Adventure 02HawkmonVeemon

Question 7: Silphymon was first formed when Yolei, Kari and Ken were trapped within the Dark Ocean and attacked by a ________ created by Arukenimon.
DigimonAgumonList of DigimonDigimon Adventure

Question 8: Hawkmon first became Shurimon on the day when they found the Digi-Egg of Sincerity, when ________ was under the control of the Dark Spiral.
Digimon AdventureAgumonDigimonList of Digimon

Question 9: Hawkmon is a main character in ________, and also appears in its two related movies The Golden Digimentals and Diablomon Strikes Back.
Digimon TamersDigimon FrontierDigimon: The MovieDigimon Adventure 02

Question 10: Halsemon's name is derived from ________, an ancient Egyptian bird god.
Apis (Egyptian mythology)Set (mythology)HorusOsiris

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