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Question 1:
What is the binomial of Hawaiian baby woodrose?
Argyreia nervosa
Hopea nervosa
Horsfieldia nervosa
Simyra nervosa

Question 2:
What genus does Hawaiian baby woodrose belong to?

Question 3:
What is the binomial authority of Hawaiian baby woodrose?
Eigenmann, 1914
L.B. Smith

Question 4: Numerous suggestions have been made as to the contents of the seeds and how they produce their effects, with it being the present belief that they contain a potential precursor to LSD, ergine, (among a series of other ________.
ErgometrineLysergic acid hydroxyethylamideErgolineLysergic acid diethylamide

Question 5: Smoking ________ or taking ginger will generally counter-act the nausea.
ScopolamineAmitriptylineCannabisMandrake (plant)

Question 6: Some reports suggest they contain ________ in minute traces.

Question 7: The experience may be closer likened to that produced by ________, in its organic texture, calmness, yet potentiality for deep, sometimes disturbing, internal insight.

Question 8: Native to the Indian subcontinent and introduced to numerous areas worldwide, including Hawaii, ________ and the Caribbean, it can be invasive, although is often prized for its aesthetic value.
African UnionAfricaScramble for AfricaSub-Saharan Africa

Question 9: Argyreia Nervosa var nervosa described here, and Argyrea nervosa var speciosa, as species used in ________, but with little to no psychoactive value.
AyurvedaNaturopathyHerbalismAlternative medicine

Question 10: speciosa plant in ________ usually employed the leaves and roots of the plants, which are not psychoactive, as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

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