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Question 1: The first appointment is Company Quartermaster Havildar (CQMH) (equivalent to a Company Quartermaster Sergeant) who assists the ________ in managing the company stores.
QuartermasterMilitary organizationBritish ArmyBattalion

Question 2: Above this is the Company Havildar Major (CHM) who is the most senior ________ in a company (equivalent to a Company Sergeant Major).
Private (rank)Lance CorporalCorporalNon-commissioned officer

Question 3: In the ________ it was equivalent rank to Sergeant, next above Naik, and is still used in the modern Indian Army and Pakistan Army.
Indian Army during World War IIndian Army (1895–1947)Indian Army during World War IIBritish Raj

Question 4: Havildar was the Military 'In Charge' of a ________ during the times of Maratha Empire.
Defensive wallFortificationCastleCity gate


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