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Question 1: The town has during the last 20 years established its position as the main trading centre for Haugaland and southern parts of ________.
AskøyBergenHordalandSogn og Fjordane

Question 2: Haugesund has strong historical bonds to the sea and especially the ________.
ShadSea urchinSwordfishHerring

Question 3: Haugesund is connected to Stavanger and Bergen by catamaran and ________ services, and to Oslo by bus.
TrolleybusBusPublic transport bus serviceBus advertising

Question 4: Haugesund's ________ was built in 1931, celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2006.
CityUnited KingdomCity and town hallsManchester

Question 5: In the second weekend of August each year, the herring is celebrated at the jazz-festival Sildajazz (Sild is Norwegian for ________).
SwordfishShadSea urchinHerring

Question 6: The first element is the genitive case of Hauge from the ________ word haugr meaning hill or mound.
Old NorseGermanic languagesOld Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languages

Question 7: It replaced the old coat-of-arms which showed a herring barrel, an ________, and three seagulls.
AnchorHawserDeck (ship)Hawsehole

Question 8: Despite being barely a village back then, king ________ lived on Avaldsnes, very close to the modern town of Haugesund.
Eric BloodaxeOlaf I of NorwayHarald I of NorwayCnut the Great

Question 9: Today the herring is long gone, and the town is turning more and more towards the petroleum industry, like its neighbour ________.

Question 10: ________, the first king of Norway, had his home on Avaldsnes, very close to the city.
Olaf I of NorwayHarald I of NorwayEric BloodaxeCnut the Great


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