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Question 1:
Who was the successor of Hatshepsut?

Question 2:
Who is Hatshepsut's spouse?

Question 3:
When did Hatshepsut die?
1458 BC
595 BC
1991 BC
1806 BC

Question 4:
Who is the father of Hatshepsut?

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Trade with other countries was re-established; here trees transported by ship from Punt are shown being moved ashore for planting in Egypt—relief from Hatshepsut mortuary temple
  Osirian statues of Hatshepsut at her tomb, one stood at each pillar of the extensive structure, note the mummification shroud enclosing the lower body and legs as well as the crook and flail associated with Osiris—Deir el-Bahri
  The red chapel of Hatshepsut—Karnak

Question 6: For this KV20, originally quarried for her father Thutmose I and probably the first royal tomb in the ________, was extended with a new burial chamber.
Minor tombs in the Valley of the KingsExploration of the Valley of the KingsValley of the KingsKV55

Question 7:
Who of the following was a predecessor of Hatshepsut?

Question 8:

Question 9: Many trade goods were bought in Punt, notably ________.
Orthodox ChurchJesusMyrrhNew Testament

Question 10: Most notably, however, the Egyptians returned from the voyage bearing thirty-one live ________ trees, the roots of which were carefully kept in baskets for the duration of the voyage.


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