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Question 1:
Who of the following was a child of Hathor?
1xson, 2xdaughter
Tyler, Carson, Ashby Grace
Ihy, Ra ?, Horus ?

Question 2: The Middle Kingdom was founded when Upper Egypt's pharaoh, Mentuhotep II, took control over Lower Egypt, which had become independent during the ________, by force.
Predynastic EgyptSeventh and eighth dynasties of EgyptFirst Intermediate Period of EgyptEleventh dynasty of Egypt

Question 3: So he poured huge quantities of blood-coloured ________ on the ground to trick Sekhmet.
BrewingAlcoholic beverageBockBeer

Question 4: The Greeks, who became rulers of Egypt for three hundred years before the Roman domination in 31 BC, also loved Hathor and equated her with their own goddess of love and beauty, ________.
Greek mythologyAphroditeApolloAres

Question 5: A major temple to Hathor was constructed by ________ at the copper mines at Timna in Edomite Seir.
TwosretMerneptahAmenmesseSeti II

Question 6: The myth states that Ra communicated through Hathor's third Eye (________) and told her that some people in the land were planning to assassinate him.
MaatApepAnubisAncient Egyptian religion

Question 7: From the ________ era she had cult sites in Meir and Kusae with the Giza-Saqqara area perhaps being the centre of devotion.
Predynastic EgyptNew KingdomOld KingdomEgypt (Roman province)

Question 8: A cow deity appears on the belt of the King on the ________ dated to the pre-dynastic era, and this may be Hathor or, in another guise, the goddess Bat with whom she is linked and later supplanted.
Predynastic EgyptNekhenNarmer PaletteLibyan Palette

Question 9: In areas where the cult of ________ became strong, Thoth was identified as the creator, leading to it being said that Thoth was the father of Ra-Horakhty, thus in this version Hathor, as the mother of Ra-Horakhty, was referred to as Thoth's wife.
IsisEgyptian pantheonThothMaat

Question 10: Hathor also became associated with the menat, the ________ musical necklace often worn by women.
Lapis lazuliTurquoiseJewelleryQuartz

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