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Question 1: 130 based on radioactive ________ from carbonized vegetation enclosed in the eruption products.
RadonOxygenCarbon-14Radiocarbon dating

Question 2: The Hatepe eruption further expanded the ________, which had formed after the much larger Oruanui eruption around 26,500 years ago.
Endorheic basinVolcanoLakeGreat Lakes

Question 3: It ejected some 120 cubic kilometres of material (rating a 7 on the ________ scale),[2] of which 30 cubic kilometres was ejected in the space of a few minutes.
SupervolcanoVolcanoMount GaribaldiVolcanic Explosivity Index

Question 4: (and is now generally accepted) that the meteorological phenomena described by Fan Ye in China and by ________ in Rome[6] were due to this eruption, which therefore can be dated exactly to 186.
HerodianMarcus AureliusCommodusElagabalus

Question 5: Despite the uniform composition of the erupted ________, a wide variety of eruptive styles were displayed, including weak phreatomagmatism, Plinian eruptions, and a huge pyroclastic flow.
MagmaIgneous rockGraniteBasalt

Question 6: The resulting ash turned the sky red over Rome and ________.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)ChinaTime in China

Question 7: It is believed that the eruption column was 50 kilometres high, twice as high as the eruption column from ________ in 1980.
Mount MazamaMount RainierCascade VolcanoesMount St. Helens


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