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Hash table: Quiz


Question 1: Some hash table implementations, notably in ________, cannot pay the price of enlarging the hash table all at once, because it may interrupt time-critical operations.
Real-time operating systemComputer softwareComputer multitaskingReal-time computing

Question 2: As in a ________, geometric resizing by a factor of b implies that only k/bi keys are inserted i or more times, so that the total number of insertions is bounded above by bk/(b-1), which is O(k).
Array data structureDynamic arrayDouble-ended queueLinked list

Question 3: The variant called array hashing uses a ________ to store all the entries that hash to the same bucket.
Dynamic arrayArray data structureDouble-ended queueLinked list

Question 4: For certain string processing applications, such as spell-checking, hash tables may be less efficient than tries, ________, or Judy arrays.
Finite-state machineTuring machineDeterministic finite-state machineNondeterministic finite state machine

Question 5: In PHP 5, the Zend 2 engine uses one of the hash functions from ________ to generate the hash values used in managing the mappings of data pointers stored in a HashTable.
Bernstein v. United StatesDaniel J. BernsteinPrime numberDomain Name System

Question 6: In ________, a hash table or hash map is a data structure that uses a hash function to efficiently map certain identifiers or keys (e.g., person names) to associated values (e.g., their telephone numbers).
Software engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer scienceComputer programming

Question 7: ________, a structure that implements an enclosing approximation of a set, allowing insertions but not deletions.
Bloom filterSet (computer science)Associative arrayHash table

Question 8: In more realistic models the hash function is a ________ over a probability distribution of hash functions, and performance is computed on average over the choice of hash function.
VarianceContinuous probability distributionMoment (mathematics)Random variable

Question 9: ________, a resilient dynamic table spread over several nodes of a network.
BitTorrent (protocol)Distributed hash tablePeer-to-peerFreenet

Question 10: For this reason, they are widely used in many kinds of computer software, particularly for ________, database indexing, caches, and sets.
List (computing)Union (computer science)Associative arraySet (computer science)

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