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Hash function: Quiz


Question 1: Hash functions are related to (and often confused with) checksums, check digits, fingerprints, randomization functions, error correcting codes, and ________.
Cryptographic hash functionMD5HMACSHA hash functions

Question 2: If n is itself a power of 2, this can be done by ________ and bit shifting.
Computer graphicsPalette (computing)Mask (computing)C (programming language)

Question 3: When n is much lesser than 2b take a pseudo random number generator (________) function P(key), uniform on the interval [0, 2b−1].
Pseudorandom number generatorCryptographically secure pseudorandom number generatorHardware random number generatorRandom number generation

Question 4: This class includes the so-called acoustic fingerprint algorithms, that are used to locate similar-sounding entries in large collection of ________ (as in the MusicBrainz song labeling service).
Audio file formatWAVContainer format (digital)Free Lossless Audio Codec

Question 5: Hash functions are an essential ingredient of the ________, a compact data structure that provides an enclosing approximation to a set of keys.
Hash tableAssociative arrayBloom filterSet (computer science)

Question 6: Hash functions are primarily used in hash tables, to quickly locate a data record (for example, a ________ definition) given its search key (the headword).
WordNetDictionaryLexicographyBilingual dictionary

Question 7: This feature may help protect services against ________.
InternetE-mailFirewall (computing)Denial-of-service attack

Question 8: Therefore, a ________ solution will be more efficient than binary search only if computing the hash function for one key costs less than performing log2 n key comparisons.
Hash tableAssociative arrayLinked listBinary search tree

Question 9: For example, text in any ________ has highly non-uniform distributions of characters, and character pairs, very characteristic of the language.
ThoughtNatural languageAntónio DamásioPerception

Question 10: Note that different requirements apply to the other related concepts (________, checksums, etc.).
HMACSHA hash functionsCryptographic hash functionMD5

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