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Question 1: Harvey Murray Glatman (December 10, 1927 – September 18, 1959) was an American ________ active during the late 1950s.
Internet homicideTorture murderLust murderSerial killer

Question 2: He was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder and executed in the gas chamber of ________ on September 18, 1959.
San Quentin State PrisonFolsom State PrisonCalifornia Men's ColonyCalifornia State Prison, Corcoran

Question 3: Once out of prison, Glatman moved to ________, where he was eventually arrested in 1946 for a series of muggings.
Albany County, New YorkAlbany, New YorkGreen Island, New YorkCapital District

Question 4: Parts of Glatman's career were fictionalized by ________ in a 1966 TV-movie called Dragnet (often referred to as Dragnet 1966 to distinguish it from the 1954 theatrical release of that name).
Dragnet (series)Adam-12Jack WebbJackie Cooper

Question 5: Less than a month later, while still out on ________ awaiting trial, he kidnapped another woman and molested her before letting her go.
Arrest warrantBailArrestGrand jury

Question 6: He served time at the New York State Reception Center at Elmira NY and then in the Sing Sing Correctional Facility, where prison ________ diagnosed him as a psychopath.
PsychiatryEmergency psychiatryPsychiatristPsychotherapy

Question 7: He would contact them with offers of work for pulp fiction magazines, take them back to his apartment, tie them up and ________ them, taking pictures all the while.
Sexual assaultSexual abuseRapeProstitution

Question 8: Pierce Brooks, ________, who helped trick Glatman into revealing where his toolbox was, served as a technical advisor for the film.
Los Angeles Fire DepartmentLos Angeles Police DepartmentKoreatown, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 9: She went to the police, and Glatman went to ________ for eight months.
Capital punishmentPrisonUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 10: Glatman is also a suspect in the slaying of "Boulder Jane Doe", a victim whose corpse was discovered by hikers near ________ in 1954.
Arvada, ColoradoBoulder, ColoradoLongmont, ColoradoDenver

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