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Question 1: Mechanical harvesting of grapes has been one of the major changes in many ________ in the last third of a century.
Hybrid grapesVitis viniferaVineyardPhylloxera

Question 2: The harvesting of wine ________ (Vintage) is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking.
International Grape Genome ProgramVitisGrapeVitis vinifera

Question 3: The ________ can also shape the timetable of harvesting with the threat of heat, rain, hail, and frost which can damage the grapes and bring about various vine diseases.

Question 4: [1] Karen Ross, president of the California Association of Winegrowers, has estimated that as of 2007 as many as 70% of the employees in the ________ industry may be immigrants from Mexico.
Oregon wineCalifornia wineWashington wineChardonnay

Question 5: The time of harvest is determined primarily by the ripeness of the grape as measured by sugar, ________ and tannin levels with winemakers basing their decision to pick based on the style of wine they wish to produce.
Acid dissociation constantAcidOxygenAcid–base reaction

Question 6: The harvest season typically falls between August & October in the Northern Hemisphere and February & April in the ________.
Southern HemisphereMaldivesMozambiqueSouth Africa

Question 7: Throughout the ________, winemakers would use the sugar and acid levels of the grape as a guide in determining ripeness.
History of the worldAncient Greece and wineAncient Rome and wineHistory of wine

Question 8: In the Southern Hemisphere harvest can begin as early as January 1 in some of the warmer climate sites in New South Wales, ________.
AustraliaBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 9: In Germany, the U.S. and ________, ice wine grapes can be harvested as late as January.
United KingdomUnited StatesBarbadosCanada

Question 10: In California some ________ grapes are harvested in late July to early August at a slightly unripe point to help maintain acidity in the wine.
Chenin blancChardonnayChampagne (wine)Sparkling wine


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