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Harsha: Quiz


Question 1: After the downfall of the ________ in the middle of the sixth century CE, North India was split into several independent kingdoms.
HarshaGupta EmpireChola DynastyPala Empire

Question 2: After his accession, Harsha united the two kingdoms of ________ and Kanauj and transferred his capital from Thanesar to Kanauj.

Question 3: He formed an alliance with Bhaskaravarman, king of ________ and marched on Shashanka.
KamarupaGuwahati12th centuryAssam

Question 4: He also conquered ________ (whose king was a vassal of Shashanka), a part of the modern Orissa State.

Question 5: Bana composed an account of Harsha's rise to power in Harsha Charitha, the first historical poetic work in ________.

Question 6: [4] Rudradaman I, an ancestor of Rudrasimha I had conquered the Yaudheya, who were the original masters of ________.
DelhiPanchkulaHaryanaUttar Pradesh

Question 7: Harsha set out to punish his rival, Shashanka, the lord of Gauda (________).
BangladeshIndiaBengalBengali people

Question 8: The name Pushpabhuti is the key to Harsha's origins and the relevant reference point is an inscription dated 181 AD and found at Gunda in the state of ________.

Question 9: His reign is comparatively well documented, thanks to his court poet Bana and ________.
BodhidharmaPure Land BuddhismGuan YinXuanzang

Question 10: He made numerous endowments to the University at ________.
Vaishali (ancient city)NalandaRajgirBodh Gaya

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