Harry Ransom Center: Quiz

Question 1: The papers of Stella Adler, Robert DeNiro, David Mamet, ________, David O. Selznick, George Bernard Shaw, Tom Stoppard, Gloria Swanson and Tennessee Williams
All My SonsArthur MillerThe CrucibleA View from the Bridge

Question 2: Tarot Cards hand colored by ________.
Boleskine HouseCeremonial magicAleister CrowleyThelema

Question 3: Three copies of the ________ of William Shakespeare.
Henry VI, Part 2First FolioBad quartoFalse Folio

Question 4: The personal libraries of writers such as Ezra Pound, ________, Alice Corbin Henderson, and the Coleridge family.
Evelyn WaughBrideshead RevisitedVile BodiesBlack Mischief

Question 5: Selected costumes, script drafts, ________, and audition tapes from Gone with the Wind.
Film treatmentFilmmakingPre-productionStoryboard

Question 6: A 16th century ________ designed by Gerardus Mercator
GlobeSpherical EarthEarthIslamic Golden Age

Question 7: The extremely rare and sought after original first edition of Liber Al (among other original Crowley First Editions), also known as the Vellum books but more popularly known as the Holy Book of Thelema by ________
Ceremonial magicAleister CrowleyBoleskine HouseOrdo Templi Orientis

Question 8: A writing journal kept by ________ in preparation for writing On the Road
Desolation Angels (novel)Beat GenerationThe Dharma BumsJack Kerouac

Question 9: A large collection of rare and valuable ________
American comic bookComicsGraphic novelComic book

Question 10: These are part of the ________ Collection.
Gone with the Wind (film)George CukorDavid O. SelznickSelznick International Pictures

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Harry_Ransom_Center)