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Question 1: In the 2008 American comedy film Yes Man, Carl (portrayed by ________) attends a Harry Potter-themed party disguised as Harry himself.
Tom HanksJim CarreyDustin HoffmanJack Nicholson

Question 2: [1] Her favourite funny scene is when Harry inadvertently sets a ________ free from the zoo in the horrified Dursleys' presence.
BoinaeBoa constrictorOcelotBoa (genus)

Question 3: The Potter Puppet Pals, made by twenty-three year old Neil Cicierega, is a series of ________ about Harry Potter.
AnimeAnimated cartoonFlash animationAdult animation

Question 4: In the third book, ________, Rowling uses a time travel premise.
Order of the Phoenix (organisation)Magical creatures (Harry Potter)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (film)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Question 5: She stated in a 2000 interview with South West News Service that Harry Potter is "particularly talented" in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and also good at ________.
Albus DumbledoreQuidditchHarry Potter universeHarry Potter fandom

Question 6: A sketch on ________ saw professional wrestler Triple H perform a spoof of Harry called 'Triple H Potter' in which the character is invited to be on MADtv.
Saturday Night LiveWhose Line Is It Anyway?Chappelle's ShowMADtv

Question 7: 85 among the "100 Best Fictional Characters" by Book magazine[31] and also voted the 35th "Worst Briton" in ________'s "100 Worst Britons We Love to Hate" programme.
BBCS4CFive (TV channel)Channel 4

Question 8: Harry learns that his parents were betrayed to Voldemort by their friend ________, who framed Harry's godfather Sirius Black for the crimes, condemning him to Azkaban, the wizard prison.
Ron WeasleyMagical creatures (Harry Potter)Death EaterHogwarts staff

Question 9: When Harry reaches his ________ at seventeen, Mrs.
AdolescenceRite of passageAdultComing of age

Question 10: A series of sketches on ________ spoofed Harry Potter with Harry Bladder.
You Can't Do That on TelevisionChappelle's ShowThe Amanda ShowAll That

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