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Harry Houdini: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Harry Houdini play in the movie The Man from Beyond?
Dr. Gregory Sinclair
Howard Hillary/The Man From Beyond
Milt Norcross
Dr. Crawford Strange

Question 2:
What role did Harry Houdini play in the movie The Grim Game?
Dudley Cameron
Richard Raver
Dr. Harvey Tyson
Harvey Hanford

Question 3:
What role did Harry Houdini play in the movie Haldane of the Secret Service?
Bruce Dayton
Heath Haldane
Edward Ormsby/Fuh Wong/Dr. Yu
Joe Ivors

Question 4:
When did Harry Houdini die?

Question 5:
What was Harry Houdini's birth name?
Donald Joseph Klang
Angus Murdo McKenzie
Alejandro Garcia
Ehrich Weiss

Question 6:
How is Harry Houdini described?
vaudeville performer, radio host, teacher
magician, escapologist, and stunt performer
American mathematician, logician, philosopher, and magician

Question 7: Death Defying Acts (2007) - played by ________
Geelong, VictoriaGuy PearceAustraliaEngland

Question 8:
When is Harry Houdini's birthday?

Question 9: Houdini published numerous books during his career (some of which were written by his good friend Walter Brown Gibson, the creator of ________):[54]
The ShadowMargo LaneBatmanAlan Moore

Question 10: ________ appeared as Arthur Conan Doyle; Cushing had previously played Doyle's creation, Sherlock Holmes.
Christopher LeeAndré MorellHammer Film ProductionsPeter Cushing

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