Harpsichord: Quiz

Question 1: Both Dmitri Shostakovich (Hamlet, 1964) and ________ (Symphony No.8, 1998) wrote works that use the harpsichord as part of the orchestral texture.
Alfred SchnittkeSoviet UnionMoscowRussia

Question 2: The largest harpsichords have a range of just over five ________ and the smallest have under four.
OctaveInterval (music)FifteenthSemitone

Question 3: A clavicytherium is a harpsichord with the soundboard and strings mounted vertically facing the player, the same space-saving principle as an ________.
TimpaniVibraphonePercussion instrumentPiano

Question 4: The bridge itself rests on a soundboard, a thin panel of wood usually made of spruce or (in Italian harpsichords) ________.
FirPinophytaCedrus libaniCedar

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Figure 5. Dogleg jack, English coupler system. When depressed, the upper key lifts the "dogleg" jack (jack A) upwards. The lower key lifts all three jacks A, B, and C.
  Figure 1. Schematic view of a 2 × 8' single manual harpsichord
  Harpsichord by Alastair McAllister, Melbourne, 1999, and a rare pedal harpsichord, by Hubbard & Broekman, Boston, 1990
  Figure 1. Schematic view of a 2 × 8' single manual harpsichord

Question 6: ________ wrote "Concerto for harpsichord & electronic music" (1964) and "Chamber Music" (1982) for s-recorder, marimba & harpsichord.
Marc ChagallGyörgy LigetiDaniel BarenboimJosef Tal

Question 7: More often, though, it specifically denotes a ________-shaped instrument with a roughly triangular case accommodating long bass strings at the left and short treble strings at the right.
TimpaniVibraphonePercussion instrumentPiano

Question 8: During the late 18th century it gradually disappeared from the musical scene with the rise of the ________.
PianoTimpaniVibraphonePercussion instrument

Question 9: Cases vary greatly in weight and sturdiness: Italian harpsichords are often of light construction; heavier construction is found in the later Flemish instruments and those derived from them (see ________).
Bartolomeo CristoforiHistory of the harpsichordPianoVirginals

Question 10: In a broader sense, "harpsichord" designates the whole family of similar plucked keyboard instruments, including the smaller virginals, muselar, and ________.
Bartolomeo CristoforiPianoSpinetOval spinet

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Harpsichord)