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Question 1: He ran in the May 1980 North Carolina Republican Party primary election, as a candidate for nomination to the office of ________ of the State of North Carolina.
CanadaSingaporeUnited KingdomAttorney general

Question 2: Fascism
Italian Fascism
Iron Guard
National syndicalismBenito MussoliniFalangeJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera

Question 3: [4] His Dixie Press was the given address on the first issues of C18's hitlist publication ________.
Conservative Party (UK)RedwatchBritish National PartyBritish National Front

Question 4: Harold Armstead Covington (born 14 September 1953 in Burlington, ________) is an American neo-nazi and novelist.
South CarolinaGeorgia (U.S. state)PennsylvaniaNorth Carolina

Question 5: He was deported from ________ (later renamed Zimbabwe) in 1976, after sending threatening letters to a Jewish congregation there.
Rhodesian Bush WarRhodesian ArmyRhodesiaSouthern Rhodesia

Question 6: Allen subsequently turned out to be an informer for the ________.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesAlcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade BureauFederal Bureau of InvestigationOklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission

Question 7: Covington joined a neo-Nazi group while in the U.S. Army in 1972, then moved to ________, and later joined the white-led Rhodesian Army for 18 months.
MauritiusSouth AfricaSierra LeoneCanada

Question 8: Third Position
White nationalism
White supremacy
Dirty WarArgentinaPeronismJuan Perón

Question 9: Covington also lauded ________ at length.
Neo-NazismAmerican Nazi PartyNew Order (National Socialist)George Lincoln Rockwell

Question 10: Give that lady a cigar!'" -- "On Revisionism" by Harold Covington (writing under the ________ Winston Smith), NSNet Bulletin #5, July 24, 1996
Pen nameJoseph StalinPseudonymStage name

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