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Harisu: Quiz


Question 1: [7][13] Explaining her reasons for "________", she said, "I don't want to face people dishonestly.
ClosetedHomosexualityComing outHeterosexism

Question 2: [6][7] By the end of the 1990s, Harisu had undergone breast augmentation, sex reassignment surgery, and rhinoplasty, having had surgery performed in South Korea and ________.
CanadaJapanCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 3:
Harisu, Chaz Bono and Alexis Arquette are all:
LGBT models Korean pop singers South Korean film actors Transgender and transsexual actors

Question 4: After a prolonged absence from the Korean music scene, Harisu returned in January 2006 with her fourth, ________ album.
Scientific phenomena named after peopleDoriansEponymJulius Caesar

Question 5: Harisu played Lisu, a murdered pop singer who becomes a vengeful ________, and also performed the films theme song, though it was necessary for her dialogue to be spoken in Korean and later dubbed.

Question 6: With the support of her husband and mother-in-law, she purchased a 3,300 m2 (3,900 sq yd) plot of land in Janghowon, ________, and studied for a community service license.

Question 7:
Harisu, Taeyeon and Jessica (entertainer) are all:
South Korean female singers LGBT models Transgender and transsexual musicians Transgender and transsexual actors

Question 8:
Harisu, Mark Zuckerberg and Charice Pempengco are all:
People from Gyeonggi-do South Korean film actors Living people Transgender and transsexual actors

Question 9:
Harisu, Rain (entertainer) and Sandara Park are all:
People from Gyeonggi-do Transgender and transsexual musicians South Korean television actors Transgender and transsexual actors

Question 10: The series, based around a special unit for victims of sexual abuse, starred Harisu as a ________ who was molested as a child by her stepfather.
Water policeRoyal Canadian Mounted PolicePolice officerConstable

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