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Question 1: Invertebrates recorded are: Molluscs (39 & 4 taxa), Insects (6 & 32 taxa), Crustaceans (27 taxa), ________ (7 taxa), Nematodes (7 & 4 taxa), Rotifers (59 & 13 taxa), and Protozoans (5 & 21 taxa).

Question 2: An authority on freshwater dolphins with the endangered species management wing of the Wildlife Institute of India, ________ has also confirmed this finding.

Question 3: This aquatic mammal classified as a critically endangered species in the Red Data Book of the ________ is considered a significant find.
IUCN Red ListInternational Union for Conservation of NatureExtinctionConservation status

Question 4: The menace of water hyacinth was addressed by the ________ (Western Command, Vajra Corps.) in the year 2000, in a joint effort initiated by the Chief Minister of the State.
Indian ArmyParam Vir ChakraIndian Armed ForcesKargil War

Question 5: The ________ and the lake were formed by constructing the head works across the Sutlej river, in 1953.

Question 6: This man-made, riverine, lacustrine wetland spreads in to the three districts of ________, Ferozepur and Kapurthala in Punjab and covers an area of 4100 ha.
DelhiChandigarhAmritsarHyderabad, India

Question 7: The rich biodiversity of the wetland, with several species of birds, species of turtles, species of snakes, taxa of ________, taxa of fishes and taxa of invertebrates, is reportedly unique.

Question 8: Dalbergia sissoo, Acacia nilotica, Zizyphus sp, ________ sp, alien Prosopis juliflora in large clumps and other trees are planted along the embankment.
BanyanCommon figFicusPharmacosycea

Question 9: Harike Wetland, with the Harike Lake in the deeper part of it, is the largest wetland in northern India in the Amritsar district of the Punjab state in ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 10: ________ sp, is sparsely seen in open water areas.
AzollaPlantAzolla filiculoidesFern


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