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Haredi Judaism: Quiz


Question 1: [18] Important communities are located in Paris, Strasbourg and ________.

Question 2: Some smaller, more isolationist Hasidic groups actually founded their own small towns, such as New Square, New York and ________ patterned after the communities they left in Europe.
Kiryas Joel, New YorkBalmville, New YorkNewburgh (city), New YorkPort Jervis, New York

Question 3: United Torah Judaism: ________ Haredi political grouping in Israel
Sephardi JewsJewsJewish ethnic divisionsAshkenazi Jews

Question 4: Haredi Jews, like other Orthodox Jews, consider their belief system and religious practices to extend in an unbroken chain back to ________ and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.

Question 5: The community also supports dozens of ________ food shops, bakeries and to a lesser extent, restaurants.
JudaismHalakhaHasidic JudaismKashrut

Question 6: In ________, the usual approach was to accept the tools of modern scholarship and apply them in defence of Orthodoxy, so as to defeat the Reformers at their own game.

Question 7: Religious Zionists, mainly from the ________ and publicly-involved Haredi Jews are trying to bridge the gaps between secular Jews and Haredi Jews.
United Torah JudaismNational Religious PartyShasAgudat Yisrael

Question 8: Few avenues existed, especially in the ________, for individuals to negotiate between the dominant culture and the community, because this was handled by the larger community as a whole.
GhettoWhite flightPhiladelphiaLos Angeles

Question 9: The Haredi Jews point out that even ________, the founder of modern Zionism, at one time contemplated the mass conversion of the Jews to Christianity as a means of eliminating anti-Semitism[citation needed].
Tel AvivIsraelAntisemitismTheodor Herzl

Question 10: A significant proportion of young men remain in yeshiva until their ________, a marriage often arranged through facilitated dating.
ShidduchTzniutJewish servicesBrit milah


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