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Hardness: Quiz


Question 1: Materials whose properties are different in different directions (because of an asymmetrical crystal structure) are referred to as ________.

Question 2: In solid mechanics, solids generally have three responses to ________, depending on the amount of force and the type of material:
Classical mechanicsForcePhysicsEnergy

Question 3: ________ is an engineering measure of the maximum load a part of a specific material and geometry can withstand.
Young's modulusAluminiumTensile strengthYield (engineering)

Question 4: In ________, there are three principal operational definitions of hardness:
Ceramic engineeringMaterials scienceMetallurgyPharmacology

Question 5: ________ are a type of line defect involving the misalignment of these planes.
DislocationCrystal structureMetalMaterials science

Question 6: Pure ________ is the hardest readily-available natural mineral substance and will scratch any other natural material.

Question 7: Hardness refers to various properties of matter in the solid phase that give it high resistance to various kinds of shape change when ________ is applied.
PhysicsForceEnergyClassical mechanics

Question 8: In ________, hardness commonly refers to a material's ability to penetrate softer materials.
MineralogyGoldSulfurMaterials science

Question 9: This is quantified as compressive strength, shear strength, ________ depending on the direction of the forces involved.
Tensile strengthYield (engineering)AluminiumYoung's modulus

Question 10: Hardness is a characteristic of a ________ material expressing its resistance to permanent deformation.
SolidMaterials scienceCarbonSilicon


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