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Question 1: It usually takes the form of photographs, often in magazines, or ________ but it may also appear as a cartoon.
Independent filmMovie theaterFilmmakingFilm

Question 2: Since the 1990s it has been distributed widely over the ________.
Internet Relay ChatE-mailInternetWorld Wide Web

Question 3: Most of the world's liberal democracies have either taken steps to legalize pornography, or they fail increasingly to enforce legislation to prohibit it, resulting in ________ legalization.
United KingdomUnited StatesDe factoMorocco

Question 4: [10] ________ pornography generates a lot of revenue for hotels.
MSG NetworkPay-per-viewFox Sports West and Prime TicketPRISM (TV channel)

Question 5: There is often vigorous opposition to legalization - see ________.
Andrea DworkinAnti-pornography movementFeminismFeminist views on pornography

Question 6: Supply is usually regulated by a combination of a classification system and regulation of ________, although today hardcore pornography can be easily downloaded from many Internet sites with little regulation.
JavaPOSSelf checkoutPoint of saleSun Microsystems

Question 7: Public display and ________ is often prohibited.
Advertising researchAdvertisingBrandProduct placement

Question 8: In particular, organizations with ties to the ________ movement have concerned themselves with porn issues.
Christian leftDominionismChristian rightChristian democracy

Question 9: Anti-porn activist John L. Harmer, who served as California's lieutenant governor under ________, estimated up to $500 million is generated industrywide.
Richard NixonGeorge H. W. BushRonald ReaganGerald Ford

Question 10: Hardcore pornography is a form of ________ that features explicit sexual acts.
PornographyHolographyPhotographyNude photography

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